About My Music

I've listened to a lot of artists and found even before I was a musician that music was not only just a great influence but a great motivator in my life.

My love of music started with my old man as he exposed me to a barriage of music from a young age such as; The Beatles, Kinks, Eagles, Pink Floyd and The Smiths to name a few.

In my early teens I was deadly jealous of the guitar my brother was given for his birthday, I claimed it as my own and haven't looked back since. With a determination that has never left me, I've taught himself to play the guitar by endlessly reading books and pestering older friends to correct my mistakes and help me to improve. I ended up rigorously reciting Oasis’ Wonderwall and the classic Irish folk song Black Velvet Band until my fingers were raw.

Later in life, Stumbling across an open mic night by accident one evening I returned the following week armed with my guitar and a backlog of covers. It was around this time that I wrote my first song: Morning Sun (A song about my first born son) Since then I have been a regular on the Oxford Music scene and has performed at over 500 open mics, gigs and festivals including Witstock, Hanneyfest, Ox-factor and Oxjam.

Taking my inspiration from artists such as Oasis, Ruarri Joseph, Jimmi Hendrix, The Beatles and Bob Dylan, I would describe my sound as ‘Folk Blues with an indie rock undertone tied up with deep emotion.’ My latest album Element of Suprise was released in the spring of 2016.

My Music